🌿Manufacturing Company
  ---Shareholders privacy token---

Name: DecentralizedShares
Symbol: XDCA
Type: TRC20 Tron
Decimals: 6

🌿Smart Contract:

Decentralized governance Shareholders privacy token of xdca manufacturing company.

💰Definition for Decentralized Shares
XDCA share is a piece of DCA manufacturing company and its limited by shares. Each piece represents a certain percentage of the company. Anyone who owns shares in a limited company is called a ‘shareholder’ or ‘member’.

(You own your wallet, you are in full control of your Shares)

📛Not for swapping purposes,
📛Not for trading purposes

🌿Stocks(ownership) leveraging: 
📛 50% - Company holdings and reserve
📛 25% - stocks available for majority holders
📛 25% - stocks available for minority holders

🌿Price of 1 Share = $1,498
📛 1 Share is equivalent to products and can buy a products.